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National Board Inspection Code Report Forms

The National Board recommends the Electronic Data Transfer (EDT) system for the completion and registration of data report forms. It is an interactive document management system that both simplifies and expedites the process of registering data reports, conveniently accomplished through the Internet. The entire process is completed electronically with just a few clicks of a button. The NBIC R-1 and R-2 forms are available through EDT.

The following forms are available in .PDF format for downloading. Forms marked with an asterick (*) are .PDF fillable.


R-1 Form*
NB-66, Report of Repair
Available Through EDT
R-3 Form*
NB-230, Report of Parts Fabricated by Welding
2011 NBIC R-2 Form*
Helpful Hints for Completing the R-2 (2011)

2013 NBIC R-2 Form*
Helpful Hints for Completing the R-2 (2013)
NB-229, Report of Alteration
Available Through EDT
R-4 Form*
NB-231, Report Supplementary Sheet

NR-1 Form
NB-81, Report of Repair/Modification/Replacement to Nuclear Components and Systems in Nuclear Power Plants

2015 Guide Version

2013 NBIC NR-1 Form

NVR-1 Form
NB-160, Report of Repair/Modification/Replacement
to Nuclear Pressure Relief Devices

2015 Guide Version

2013 NBIC NVR-1 Form

NB-4 Form
New Business or Discontinuance Used by AIAs
NB-6 Form
Boiler-Fired Pressure Vessel Report of Inspection
NB-5 Form
Boiler or Pressure Vessel Data Report First Internal Inspection
NB-7 Form
Pressure Vessels Report of Inspection

NB-136 Form
Replacement of Stamped Data  
Reference NBIC Part 2
NB-365 Form
Boiler Installation Report I-1
Reference NBIC Part 1
NB-403 Form
Report of Fitness for Service Assessment


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