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2017 Winter Bulletin Preview


Coming in Winter BULLETIN:
New National Board Inspection Code Part 4, Pressure Relief Devices

With the issuance of the completely updated 2017 Edition of the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) in July, a new document will be included: Part 4: Pressure Relief Devices. In the winter issue of the BULLETIN, National Board Pressure Relief Department Technical Manager Tom Beirne and Pressure Relief Department Director Joe Ball explain how and why Part 4 was developed. Here’s an excerpt from the cover story:

The National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) has always been a valuable source of information regarding pressure relief devices (PRDs) and overpressure protection. In past Editions, this information was found within the NBIC’s three Parts: Part 1, Installation; Part 2, Inspection; and Part 3, Repairs and Alterations.

In the upcoming 2017 Edition of the NBIC, all of the requirements and guidance relating to PRDs will be compiled into one book, Part 4, Pressure Relief Devices. Pressure relief device requirements are inherently different from the requirements for pressure-retaining items. Part 4 was created out of the need to integrate and emphasize this unique material.

 “Usability was the primary driver for adding Part 4 to the NBIC collection,” explains Tom Beirne, secretary of the NBIC Subcommittee on Pressure Relief Devices. “Users who are responsible for overpressure protection will benefit from the functionality of having all PRD content together.”

Look for the winter issue to mail out in early February. For a free subscription to the BULLETIN, click here.




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