How To Become a Commissioned Inspector

To be eligible for a Commission, a prospective candidate must have a high school education (12 years or equivalent educational system) and meet the following requirements: 

Education & Experience
The candidate must have a minimum of five (5) credit points accumulated through education and experience. For education, credits are assigned for technical training or technical curriculum associated with boilers and pressure vessels and for college/university associate’s or bachelor’s degree in engineering, technology, science or mathematics. For experience, one (1) credit is assigned for each year’s experience associated with boilers and pressure vessels. A complete description of how credit points are determined is included in NB-263, RCI-1, Rules for Commissioned Inspectors.
The NB-380, Inservice Inspector Training Program, provides an alternate method for individuals to meet the education and experience requirements to obtain an Inservice Inspector Commission (IS). Go to the NB-380 page for complete details.

The candidate must be employed as an inspector by a jurisdiction, an Authorized Inspection Agency, an Owner-User Inspection Organization, a Non-member Enforcement Agency, a Federal Inspection Agency, or the National Board.

Candidates must complete the following:
  • National Board Inservice Inspector Commission (IS):
    • Take the National Board Inservice Inspector Examination and receive a passing grade.
  • National Board Authorized Inspector Commission (AI):
    • Attend National Board's "AI" course, receive a passing grade on the examination and meet On-the-Job training requirements.


Applications for Commissions will appear on the candidate's National Board Business Center profile after successful completion of exams, class attendance (if required), and the candidate is exclusively employed by an Authorized Inspection Agency or an Owner-User Inspection Organization as described in NB-263, RCI-1, Rules for Commissioned Inspectors.

Commission Templates and Documents