NB-380, Inservice Inspector Training Program


In order to qualify for an Inservice Inspector Commission (IS), NB-263, RCI-1, Rules for Commissioned Inspectors requires Inservice Inspector candidates to have a minimum of five (5) credit points based upon the combination of education and experience (as detailed in RCI-1, Table 1). However, RCI-1, 1-1.3 allows for the completion of the National Board Inservice Inspector Training Program in lieu of the five (5) credit points as traditionally required. This alternative training program is described in the National Board publication, NB-380, National Board Inservice Inspector Training Program. It combines task-based “on-the-job” style training with online and classroom courses. NB-380 candidates are also required to participate in a minimum of 300 inspections under the instruction of a National Board Commissioned Inspector.

NB-380-1 Workbook

Developed by a team of Inservice Inspector Supervisors and Jurisdictional Chiefs, this task-based training workbook is designed to help jurisdictions and Authorized Inspection Agencies develop inspector candidates who do not meet the five-point education and experience requirements found in NB-263, RCI-1, Rules for Commissioned Inspectors. Completion of the workbook is intended to meet the alternative requirements found in NB-380, National Board Inservice Inspector Training Program. Consisting of seven modules, the workbook will guide inspector candidates as they acquire and demonstrate knowledge of the foundations of boiler and pressure vessel inspection. Topics and tasks covered within the workbook are based on NB-380 and NB-331-I, National Board Body of Knowledge of Inservice Inspectors.

The workbook contains three types of tasks:

  • Knowledge Checks: Inspector candidates are to verbally demonstrate satisfactory knowledge and understanding of a specific topic to a commissioned inspector.
  • Practical Applications: Inspector candidates will demonstrate their understanding of inspection methods in the field under the supervision of a commissioned inspector.
  • Module Assessments: Inspector candidates are tested by a Chief Inspector or Inservice Inspector Supervisor to ensure they are retaining the subject matter for each module.

Inspection Log

An inspection log is provided alongside the NB-380-1 Workbook. The inspection log is to be used to document the inspector candidate’s participation in 300 boiler and/or pressure vessel inspections, as required by NB-380. Alternative inspection logs may be used, though the information contained in the provided inspection log should be considered the minimum standard for alternatives. Alternative inspection logs are subject to the acceptance of the National Board prior to implementation in accordance with Part 1 of NB-263, RCI-1, Rules for Commissioned Inspectors.

Other Requirements

Successful completion of the workbook and inspection log are only one step in the commissioning process under NB-380. Inspector candidates will also need to successfully complete the National Board Classroom Inservice Inspector Commission Course (IS) and the following National Board Online Training Courses: National Board Inspection Code, Part 1, Installation; National Board Inspection Code, Part 2, Inspection; and Rules for Commissioned Inspectors. Inspector candidates will also need to successfully pass the Inservice Inspector Commission Exam.

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