GM Wednesday Outing

Topgolf Tournament Winners

Thanks to all who participated in the National Board's Topgolf tournament at the General Meeting Wednesday Outing in Dallas, Texas! Teams and individuals competed by hitting microchipped golf balls into a 240-yard outfield constructed with huge dartboard-like targets. The balls tracked each shot for accuracy and distance, and points were awarded for hitting targets. The more accurate the shot and the farther the distance, the more points were earned.

Barry Berquist won overall bragging rights with 187 points. Second place went to Dave Buechel (169 points), and third place winner was Craig Bierl (132 points). Congratulations to all who participated!

Team winners:

FIRST: Debbie Erhardt, Dave Erhardt, Bob Trombley, Tom Shernisky, Dave Buechel, and Mike Burns.

SECOND: Barry Berquist, Jerry Byers, Brian Boseo, Pat Hennessey, and Janice Mondello.

THIRD: Richard Lesperance, Brandon Steinhart, Patrick Jennings, JP White, Rob Sylvester, and Christopher Cantrell.

First Place Team

Second Place Team

Third Place Team
Some members not pictured.