Winter 2019 BULLETIN Preview

Coming in the Winter BULLETIN
“Mission Critical to Mission Accomplished: How C. O. Myers’ Vision for Uniformity Transformed an Industry

One hundred years ago, an ambitious young inspector named C. O. Myers founded The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors with the goal of bringing uniformity to the industry. Today, the National Board celebrates its 100th anniversary by taking a look at the legacy he left behind.

This cover story features excerpts from early National Board meetings, as well as words from those who knew C. O. Myers.

Following is an excerpt from the story.

One Code, One Inspector, One Stamp

On February 2-4, 1921, the National Board held its first General Meeting in Detroit, Michigan. Before the meeting, ASME Council authorized the National Board to appoint one member to its Boiler Code Committee. Myers became the first delegate from the National Board to be on the ASME Boiler Code Committee representing all members.

The National Board’s first General Meeting coincided with the ASME Boiler Code Committee’s session, establishing the first joint conference of the two organizations. This year, ASME and the National Board will host the 88th General Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The roster for the National Board’s first General Meeting included representatives of jurisdictions, authorized inspection agencies (insurance companies), boiler and pressure vessel manufacturers and users, and those with related interests from 17 US states and two provinces of Canada. At this meeting, the preliminary constitution and bylaws were amended and formally adopted.

Myers also told the American Boiler Manufacturers Association, “Generally speaking, the National Board is the states consolidated into one body, which may be termed the enforcement body of the ASME Boiler Code Committee, and we have three primary objects in view, which are one code, one inspector, and one stamp,” words that would become the motto of the National Board and the theme for this year’s General Meeting.

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