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GM Speaker James R. Chiles


James R. Chiles Announced as General Session Speaker

The National Board is pleased to welcome back technology author and commentator James R. Chiles, who will address the General Session at the 88th General Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. His presentation is entitled, Timeless and Fearless: Durable Lessons in Engineering Leadership.

Mr. Chiles’ sharp perspective and insight into technology and history has caught the attention of both print and television outlets. His written works have appeared in Smithsonian, Air & Space, the Boston Globe, Popular Science, Harvard, Aviation Week, Mechanical Engineering, and Invention & Technology.

He has appeared as a featured commentator for a History Channel television series based on his book, Inviting Disaster, and also appeared in History Channel programs Titanic at 100Katrina: American Catastrophe, Engineering Disasters, Life after People, Wild West Tech, and Megadisasters. He also appeared on National Geographic’s Seconds from Disaster series. His next appearance will be in a Discovery Science Channel series on stealth technology.

Mr. Chiles is a regular contributor to the National Board BULLETIN. In his column, he shares lessons learned across many industries to illustrate the universality of safety issues and the importance of safety cultures in the workplace.

Chiles addressed the General Session at the 83rd General Meeting in Bellevue, Washington in 2014 and at the 85th General Meeting in Orlando, Florida in 2016. He maintains a blog at



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