General Meeting News

Members' Meeting News


Election Results

On Tuesday, May 7, at the National Board Members’ Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, National Board members voted to fill open positions on the National Board’s Board of Trustees. Christopher Cantrell, chief of Nebraska, was reelected first vice chairman and Eben Creaser, chief of New Brunswick, was reelected member at large.

Service Awards

In addition, six National Board members were honored for their years of service: Milton Washington, state of New Jersey, 20 years; Karl Kraft, state of Maryland, 15 years; John Porcella, state of West Virginia, 10 years; and Julius Dacanay, state of Hawaii; Clifford Dautrich, state of North Carolina; and Larry Leet, City of Seattle – all with 5 years of service.

(L-R) National Board Chairman, Joel Amato, John Porcella, Milton Washington, Clifford Dautrich,
National Board Executive Director, David Douin, Julius Dacanay, Karl Kraft, and Larry Leet


Honorary Membership

Madiha Kotb, former member for the province of Quebec, and Joseph Brzuszkiewicz, former secretary of the ASME Conference Committee, were each presented with a plaque commemorating their honorary memberships.

(L-R) National Board Chairman, Joel Amato, Joseph Brzuszkiewicz, Madiha Kotb,
and National Board Executive Director, David Douin