New Online Courses


Two New Online Courses Among 70+ Offered By NBBI

The National Board Education Center added two new options to its robust online training suite.

If you’re interested in continuing education for your AI Commission, check out the new AI/B renewal training course, Limits and Exceptions for ASME Code Materials.

This 2.5-hour course provides Authorized Inspectors with knowledge in the area of materials in order to recognize when the Certificate Holders are permitted to take exceptions to materials requirements; use materials with further limitations; or use material meeting more than one specification and/or grade. With a concentration on "material for pressure parts," this training deals with current exceptions identified in ASME Section I and VIII, and includes material specifications regarding power piping materials found in ASME B31.1.

Interested in learning more about quality systems? Quality Systems for Repair Inspectors, is a 2.2-hour course designed to provide an understanding of quality systems and quality control manuals, and how to apply this knowledge during monitoring and inspections to ensure R Certificate Holders employ a quality system acceptable to the Repair Inspector. Students will also learn how quality system requirements relate to joint reviews.

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