Fall 2020 BULLETIN Preview

Coming in the Fall BULLETIN

The fall 2020 BULLETIN cover story explores the diamond anniversary of the National Board Inspection Code. Luis Ponce, Manager of Technical Services, and Gary Scribner, Assistant Executive Director – Technical, write about the 75-year history of one of the boiler and pressure vessel industry’s most important publications.

Following is an excerpt:

After some measure of uniformity was achieved among the jurisdictions, a new obstacle came into view: What about rules for inspecting and repairing boilers and pressure vessels? A solution was being developed but it would take a few more years to materialize. In 1945, 25 years after the first National Board convention in February 1920, the National Board had grown in stature and its record of accomplishment had exceeded all expectations. There were over 2,000 commissioned inspectors (compared to more than 4,300 today). More importantly, there was a need to keep them and the National Board members informed. One has to keep in mind information was not as readily available or as easily distributed then as it is now.

The initial means to disseminate information to the field was to authorize a quarterly periodical, the BULLETIN, at the 1943 National Board meeting in New Orleans. The success of the BULLETIN prompted the suggestion that an inspector’s handbook or manual that board members had “dreamed of and hoped for” for a number of years by could be distributed through the BULLETIN. Shortly thereafter, work began on the National Board Inspection Code.

Other articles in this issue include: Electronic Application Process for Commissions and Endorsements by Mike Burns, Senior Staff Engineer and Kimberly Miller, Director of Training; The Weld Strength Reduction Factor by Tim Gardner, Senior Staff Engineer; Overfilled Storage Tanks Runneth Over with Risk by columnist James R. Chiles; catching up with past recipients of the NBBI Tech Scholarship; the fiscal year 2020 Registration report, and more.

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