National Board Symbols Monitored
National Board Symbols and Marks Alert

The National Board reminds companies displaying its symbols in advertising and promotional materials that usage is restricted and must comply with parameters established under the National Board Logo and Marks Policy.

Marks or symbols permitted for display by authorized companies include the "R," "VR," and "NR," as well as the "NB."

According to National Board Director of Public Affairs Paul Brennan, "It is in the best interest of both The National Board and companies authorized to display these symbols that this policy is strictly enforced. National Board marks are copyrighted and denote work performed to the highest standards. Each is recognized by industry professionals as an icon of quality. Misuse or unauthorized use undermines a trusted system designed to protect the public."

To ensure only authorized companies exhibit the marks or symbols, National Board regularly monitors the Internet for violators. Companies displaying the marks or symbols without authorization are promptly notified.

"Most violations involve use of the National Board logo," Mr. Brennan explains. "Our policy explicitly states no organization other than The National Board is authorized to use the logo, which is defined as the stylized cloverleaf with the letters 'NBBI.'"

Mr. Brennan reminds authorized companies The National Board does not approve, rate or endorse specific items or activities. "Any statements to the contrary have no basis in truth and are in violation of National Board policy."

For more information on displaying National Board symbols, access the National Board Logo and Marks Policy found on the National Board home page or contact the Public Affairs Department.