Member Retirements
National Board Members Announce Retirements
Vermont Chief Retires
Wesley E. Crider Jr. retired as chief inspector for the state of Vermont on June 29, 2012. He served the US Navy for 20 years during Korea and Vietnam (1952-1972) and retired as a chief machinist mate serving aboard aircraft carriers. From 1973-1988 he worked as a boiler and pressure vessel field inspector for the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company and then the New Hampshire Insurance Group. In 1988 he was employed as a National Board commissioned inspector for the state of Vermont. He assumed the role of chief and became a National Board member in 2006. Mr. Crider holds A and I endorsements. Additionally, he has been a member of ASME since 1999 and served as assistant state fire marshal for the state of Vermont.
Oregon Chief Retires
Michael D. Graham retired from his post as chief inspector on July 31, 2012. Mr. Graham’s career began in 1968 when he joined the US Coast Guard and served a four-year term. In 1973 he became employed with Boise Cascade paper mill in Salem, Oregon. He went to work for Container Corporation of America in Tacoma, Washington, in 1979 and obtained a Washington State boiler operation license. In 1989 he joined the state of Oregon working with the Fairview Training Center as a high-pressure boiler operator. He received a National Board Commission in 1996 and was employed as a state inspector for 10 years. In 2006 he assumed the role of chief. He served 23 years with the state.
Georgia Director Retires
Paul J. Welch retired as director for the state of Georgia on July 1, 2012. Mr. Welch served the US Navy as an electrician for 20 years, from 1970-1990. After retiring from the military, he went to work for Norfolk Southern Railroad in 1991 as an electrician. He joined the Georgia Department of Labor in 1993 and served as boiler/elevator/amusement inspector and safety inspector supervisor I and II until he assumed the role of acting director in 2010. Mr. Welch is a commissioned inspector and holds A and B endorsements.
Detroit Supervisor Retires
John Bell retired as supervising boiler inspector for the city of Detroit, Michigan, on July 12, 2012. Mr. Bell attended the Detroit Institute of Technology and Sienna Heights College. He holds a bachelor’s of applied science degree in plumbing and heating. He was employed as a commercial foreman for plumbing, HVAC, pipe fitting, and boiler installation, and later taught these subjects at high school and community college. He then joined the city of Detroit and worked as a mechanical inspector before assuming the role of supervising boiler inspector. He joined the National Board in 2008.