Member Retirement

New Hampshire Chief Retires

Wayne Brigham retired as chief inspector for the New Hampshire Department of Labor on September 1, 2012. Mr. Brigham served 49 years in the industry. He was licensed to inspect boilers in New England, New York, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. His career began in 1963 at the Hampshire Chemical Company as a boiler operator. From 1970-1978 he gained industry experience working as a utility operator/maintenance; combination inspector; boiler safety inspection specialist/authorized inspector; and in boiler engineering and maintenance. From 1978-1992 he was employed with Home Insurance Company as an authorized inspector. He next served as a combination inspector/authorized inspector for Hartford Steam Boiler and then with Commercial Union Insurance Companies. In 2000 he returned to Hartford as an authorized inspector before joining the state of New Hampshire in January of 2001, when he assumed the position of state boiler inspector.