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2008 Fall BULLETIN Errata



Because of electronic transference difficulties during production, the most recent issue of the National Board BULLETIN contains several errors readers should note.


Among these, explains National Board Director of Public Affairs Paul Brennan, are wrong totals cited in the 2008 REGISTRATION section, misplacement of footnote material in the article by Senior Staff Engineer Bob Ferrell (Tube Plugging of Firetube Boilers), and the misprint of temperatures in the column of Senior Staff Engineer and Training Specialist Patrick Nightengale (Common Misconceptions When Applying Code Rules).


In Mr. Ferrell’s article (page 14), questions and answers 1 and 2 should be included under footnote 1.


Mr. Nightengale’s reference on page 35 (second column) to maximum temperatures “2000°F” and “6500°F” should read “200°F” and “650°F” respectively.


These errors have been corrected and can now be found in the electronic issue of the BULLETIN which can be accessed HERE.


According to Mr. Brennan, “The National Board regrets publication of this misleading information and apologizes for any inconvenience that may occur as a result.”

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