Continuing Ed Reminder

Inspector Commissions/Endorsements Renewal Deadline Reminder
December 31, 2014, marks the deadline when National Board commissions and endorsements are renewed. To ensure renewal, the continuing education course bundle(s) required to maintain each commission/endorsement must be completed prior to application for renewal.
Recently, detailed information describing changes to the process for commission/endorsement renewal was sent to each employer of commissioned inspectors. On October 6, the National Board will provide each inspector employer with the status of continuing education training for each inspector.
Continuing education is required every two years. The following chart shows how the scope of training must track the type of credential. Inspectors may be required to take more than one set of continuing education course bundles within the two-year period.
Continuing education course descriptions and requirements are available in the Catalog of Online Training Courses on the National Board website. To enroll, inspectors need a student account on the Online Training Center, which can be launched from the Online Training Catalog.

If you hold one of these commissions or endorsements... The required continuing education bundle is...
Inservice Commission IS or O Endorsement

Inservice Inspection Bundle:

  • Boiler Feedwater Basics
  • Inspection Techniques for Firetube Boiler
  • Local Postweld Heat Treatment
New Construction Commission A, or B Endorsement, AR*

New Construction Inspection Bundle:

  • Material Control/Monitoring
  • Welding Documents

*AR – New Contruction Inspection Bundle plus NBIC Part 3

N or NS Endorsement

Nuclear Bundle:

  • Fracture Toughness Requirements for Material
  • Quality Assurance Records Monitoring and Auditing Activities
C or NSC Endorsement

Nuclear Concrete Bundle:

  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Materials and Testing
I or NSI Endorsement

Nuclear Inservice Bundle:

  • Nondestructive Examination (NDE) Personnel and Methods
  • Repair/Replacement Activities

Note 1: The chart above shows how the scope of training must track the type of endorsement. As a result, some inspectors may be required to take more than one continuing education course bundle within the two (2) year period.
Note 2: Continuing education courses are available here.
Note 3: All courses listed under the Bundle must be completed to meet the continuing education requirements.