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Reetz Retirement

Robert Reetz Retires
North Dakota Chief Inspector Robert Reetz, the longest-serving National Board member (with over 31 years of service), retired on February 2, 2015. Mr. Reetz served on the Board of Trustees as first vice chairman for two terms; as chairman of the Task Group on National Board Bylaws; the Task Group on Definitions of a Jurisdiction; and the Task Group on Budget. For several years he served as chairman of the Standing Committee on Constitution and Bylaws. He also served on no fewer than 11 National Board committees, including the National Board Inspection Code.
Mr. Reetz began working for the State of North Dakota in 1979. He was named acting chief in 1982 and chief inspector in 1987. In his home jurisdiction, Mr. Reetz was responsible for the adoption of the NBIC, registration of pressure vessels, licensing of historic boilers, and establishment of an anhydrous ammonia inspection program.

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