New Continuing Education Courses


New Continuing Education Training
for Inservice and New Construction Commissions Now Available

Two new continuing education bundles have been rolled out for inspectors holding an inservice (IS) commission and/or the new construction (A) commission. The 2015-2016 continuing education online training courses are brand new and developed specifically for the commissioned inspector for renewal of their credentials. Inspectors holding either an O or B endorsement are also required to complete the inservice or new construction training, respectively.

The 2015-2016 Inservice Bundle has two courses: Operation and Installation of Pressure Relief Devices and Inspection Techniques for Potable Water Heaters. Students should anticipate spending approximately five hours to complete this training.

The 2015-2016 New Construction Bundle has three courses: Calibration: ASME Code Requirements, and Efficiency Determination Parts 1 and 2. All three of these courses should require the student to spend a little over five hours to complete.

Like all National Board online training, students may start and stop the training as many times as they need, with the course book marking their place. As with the previous continuing education training, students are required to answer multiple knowledge checks throughout the course to ensure their understanding of the material. A certificate of completion is provided at the end of each training course.

For inspectors holding the AR endorsement, there is a third bundle titled 2015-2016 Continuing Education: New Construction w/Repairs. This bundle contains all three of the courses required for the new construction commission, plus the 2015 Edition, National Board Inspection Code, Part 3, Repairs and Alterations course. Completion of the NBIC Part 3 course is required for renewal of the repairs designation.

Additional online courses for the nuclear endorsements N and NS will be made available as soon as October. Courses for I, NSI, C, and NSC will be at the end of 2015 to early 2016.

It is important to note that the I and C endorsed inspectors are not due for continuing education in 2015 because of when the original continuing education training for these inspectors originally rolled out. However, inspectors with an IS, A, AR, B, N, NS, or O who completed their last continuing education courses in 2013 are required to complete the new 2015-2016 courses prior to the December 31, 2015 renewal.

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