NB-514 Updated


Attention VR Certificate Holders:
NB-514, Accreditation of
VR Repair Organizations Has Been Updated


Current and potential National Board VR Certificate Holders should be aware that the administrative requirements document NB-514, Accreditation of VR Repair Organizations, has been updated and republished as Revision 1. The updated document can be downloaded from the website by clicking here.

While the changes are not extensive, certificate holders are encouraged to review the document to determine the potential effects on their program, and to familiarize themselves with the administrative procedures for obtaining or renewing the VR Certificate of Authorization. Changes in the document are identified by an asterisk next to the affected paragraphs.

The most significant revisions are in paragraph 3.5, where requirements regarding access to NB-18, Pressure Relief Device Certification, and supporting ASME Code Sections, is clarified; and in paragraphs 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3, where the process for an ASME valve manufacturer to receive a VR certificate for their own valves, was corrected.

In paragraph 2.1, it is called out that the renewal application process must be initiated at least six months prior to the expiration date. This will help ensure certificate holders will not have a lapse in their authorization.

Any questions may be directed to the Pressure Relief Department by emailing