ASME, NB Conduct Joint Training Workshops

As part of the training, team leaders participated in training workshops
in the National Board's Inspection Room.


National Board and ASME Conduct Joint Training Workshops

The National Board and ASME co-hosted workshops and training sessions on August 9, 10, and 11, in Columbus, Ohio, to promote uniformity in the joint review process and to educate certificate holders and authorized inspection agencies about conformity assessment requirements. 

The week started with ASME staff and ASME Director of Auditing and Inspection Paul Lang conducting joint training for ASME and National Board nuclear survey team leaders. This training is performed annually to ensure quality, informed, and uniform performance of nuclear surveys; and focuses on topics such as code requirements and how to conduct surveys.

On Tuesday, ASME hosted the first ASME Certification 360 Workshop held in North America. This workshop is typically conducted around the world to promote conformity assessment requirements for ASME boiler and pressure vessel construction. The workshop provides an overview of the process and includes a time for Q&A regarding conformity assessment requirements. These workshops are well attended by ASME certificate holders (current and perspective), authorized inspection agencies, government agencies, and other interested organizations. A guest safety and motivational keynote speaker, Nick Morris, addressed the group; as well as other ASME and National Board staff.

On Wednesday morning, authorized inspection agency representatives and review team leaders participated in a joint session. Then the week concluded with non-nuclear team leader training to provide uniformity in the review process and ensure performance quality. This particular training included a day of workshops concentrating on all elements of performing a joint review for both ASME and National Board certificate holders.

The combined effort between National Board and ASME to strengthen the uniformity of the review process has also been expanded to include jurisdictional review team leaders, with an emphasis for improving both ASME and National Board conformity assessment processes.

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