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New Online Course: RCI



New Tuition-Free Online Course: Rules for Commissioned Inspectors


Rules for Commissioned Inspectors is a complimentary online course designed to provide a detailed overview of all eight parts of the 2017 Edition of the National Board standard, RCI-1, Rules for Commissioned Inspectors.

This course highlights important changes to the 2017 Edition for individuals already working as inspectors, for those seeking to become an inspector, and/or for administrative personnel working for an employer of inspectors. In addition, the course provides information to those seeking a National Board commission and/or endorsement.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, students will be able to:  

  • Explain the commissions and endorsements available.
  • Explain the examinations required to obtain National Board commissions and endorsements.
  • List the duties of a National Board Inservice Inspector and Inservice Supervisor/Technical Manager.
  • List the duties of a National Board Authorized Inspector and Authorized Inspector Supervisor.
  • List the duties of a National Board Repair Inspector and Repair Inspector Supervisor/Technical Manager.
  • Describe the Inspector Diary that must be maintained.
  • Describe the Code of Ethics that must be upheld.
  • Explain the procedure for handling complaints and due process.

Reference Materials

Each student is required to have the following materials (currently mandated edition):

  • National Board Standard NB-263, RCI-1, Rules for Commissioned Inspectors.

Criteria for Successful Completion

As a minimum, for a National Board Certificate of Completion to be issued, students must:

  • Actively participate in all online course interactions.
  • Respond to all knowledge check questions.

To learn more about this and other National Board online courses, access the online Training Catalog, now located at the new Online Education Center.



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