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New Repair Inspector Course


New Repair Inspector Course Now Offered

The National Board’s first ever classroom training course for performing inspection duties related to repairs and alterations is set to debut.

The Repair Inspector Course (R) is a four-day course designed to provide commissioned inspectors an understanding of the inspection requirements for repairs and alterations to boilers and pressure vessels. Topics include the duties and responsibilities of the repair inspector; quality systems; welding processes and postweld heat treatment; fabrication rules; nondestructive examination; and proper completion of repair forms.

This course will allow those passing the final exam to receive a Repair R Endorsement, provided all other requirements of RCI-1, NB-263, Rules for Commissioned Inspectors, are also met.

Currently, class dates for this new course are August 28-31 and October 23-26 in 2017, with additional dates to be scheduled for 2018. Look for the 2018 training calendar to be released the first week of October.

To learn more about the Repair Inspector Course, or to enroll, click HERE.



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