Stacey Marks Announced as General Meeting Speaker

Stacey Marks To Discuss Reliability, Efficiency of Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers
at NBBI 89th General Meeting

NBBI is excited to welcome Stacey A. Marks, P.E., Quality Engineer for Alfa Laval Inc., to the 89th General Meeting, Monday, May 10 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her presentation is entitled Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers: Revolutionizing Heat Transfer with Reliability and Efficiency.

Ms. Marks’ presentation will provide insight into the applications of brazed plate heat exchangers and their unique design features that offer improved efficiency and reliability. She will also examine the challenges of manufacturing over 3 million brazed heat exchangers every year.

Marks has three decades of experience in ASME U-stamp vessel manufacturing, PED compliance, welding, brazing, fabrication, inspection, NDE, data reports, and joint reviews.

She is responsible for production quality at Alfa Laval’s Richmond, Virginia facility.

A graduate of the University of Virginia, Marks currently serves as Chair of ASME VIII F&E; Chair of ASME IX Brazing; Secretary of ASME IX GR; and is a member of the Section VIII and IX Standards Committees, as well as the Committee for Accreditation of AIs (CAA).

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